Simulation of agent knowledge evolution
repository of REproducible experiments is a repository of multiagent simulations of knowledge evolution descriptions, results and analysis. The web site is operated by the mOeX INRIA team, but open to anyone wanting to publish such experiments: contact us.

This site lists experiments in cultural knowledge evolution, mostly but not exclusively performed with the Lazy lavender, in the way of laboratory notebooks. Experiment descriptions and analyses are maintained over git. This is in the perspective to make them searchable and somewhat accountable. To that extent, descriptions may be edited, but their git repositories remain available and auditable. Results may be found here or in other zip archives (such as Zenodo).

The early experiments have been exported from All these experiment specifications are available by cloning the git repository (or and the results are available in the data repositories pointed to by these.


Data on are provided under the Creative commons CC-BY-4.0 License.