documentation aims at helping reproducing, designing and publishing cultural knowledge evolution experiments.


In order to fully exploit you may need:

In the following, we use ${LABEL} as the name of the experiment to be manipulated.

Instructions for...

There are extra pages documenting the metadata used in experiment descriptions.

Retrieving experimental data

Retrieving experiment (and analysis) description from the git repository

If you have an account on cakes, the prefered way to retrieve an experiment is by:

$ git clone --recurse-submodules${LABEL}.git

It is also possible to clone anonymously, but read-only, an experiment by:

$ git clone --recurse-submodules${LABEL}.git

Retrieving experiment analysis from

Published experiment descriptions are available from the web site. They also allow you to download various files from the web archive containing the results

Retrieving experiment description and results from zip files

The zip link should be published on the corresponding experiment description pages. These links go to either the zenodo web site (through URL or DOI) or the site.

Here is a synthetic diagram of all proceses that may be involved in the use of